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A one man IT team capable of delivering values across various IT domains, primarily infrastructure, network, cybersecurity, hardware and data science. I have practical experience in these areas and certifications to show my capabilities.


Hello there. You can call me Haikal. I'm a technology enthusiast hailed from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Geophysicist by background but doing IT in practice. Currently approaching 9 years in oil and gas industry. I've done seismic data loading, interpretation, well-log correlation, AVO analysis and forward modelling for geoscience domain. However as the go to IT guy, I've practical experience across all IT domains with primary aim to support businesses in delivering more with technology. Currently interested in working on integrating geoscience domain and technology domain. Check out what I've done below.

IT Specialist

Software and Hardware troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot and repair PC with issues
  • Investigate why software didn't work as intended
  • Present to business partners concerned findings
  • Document problems and solutions

Network and Infrastructure

  • Configure and managed firewall
  • Create proper routing table
  • Troubleshoot network issues for users
  • Setup and configure access points
  • Deals with vendors and managed service providers
  • Create, configure and managed VPN access
  • Provide L1-L3 network support to end users

System Administration

  • Create IT processes for onboarding and offboarding people
  • Provide identity and access for shared drives
  • Provide assistance to users in accessing and using IT systems
  • Create documentation and provision IT assets to users
  • Support subject matter experts and project manager in identifying IT requirements for projects
  • Responsible for servers, VMs and backup

Office 365

  • Create and manage sharepoint site
  • Migrating domains to Office 365
  • Responsible for access management
  • Create users, groups, mailboxes
  • Create, update and manage passwords and policies
  • Manage MS Teams, OneDrive, Azure AD and Defender.
  • Monitor O365 services

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Using sklearn and pandas to do exploratory data analysis, regression prediction and classification prediction for capstone project
  • Create a simple pipeline for ensemble techniques
  • Create CNN project with PlantSeedling dataset
  • Investigate and create business value from captured traffic data
  • Provide insight to employer by monitoring and analyzing chat groups
  • Analyzed phone data to showcase movement

Blue/Red Team Cybersecurity

  • Completed fundamental rooms in TryHackMe
  • Create VMs to install and configure Snort and Splunk
  • Using BurpSuite to test for web application vulnerability
  • Scanning vulnerabilities with NMAP
  • Understand NIST framework and threat research

I created this blog as digital method to document my life, seeing as how little presence I have in social media.


CompTIA Advanced Cybersecurity Practicioner+


CompTIA PenTest+


CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst+



Post Graduate Programme Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (PGP-AIML) - June 2020

I hold a Post-Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from University of Texas at Austin which partnered with Great Learning Academy. This course thought the fundamentals in providing business value from AIML with Python EDA programming, supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning and neural network.


Bachelor of Tech(Hons) Petroleum Geoscience - Jan 2013

My bachelor is in Petroleum Geoscience from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS. My project was analyzing core and it's properties to investigate the resulting seismic response. Also mainly involves in geophysical data acquisition (resistivity and shallow seismic).

Haikal Bachelor's Degree