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Docs & Notes Basic

What Is This?

This mostly will be notes and related graphics for things that I will be learning for the forseeable future.

Currently I'm learning Kubernetes from Udemy with the aim to try and get CKA certification. I'm also trying to understand more on practical cybersecurity, hence the account on Tryhackme.

About Docusaurus and Netlify

This site is built using Docusaurus documentation, pushed to Github with deployment to Netlify in place. The whole process is pretty easy to setup. I will do a writeup and link it here in near future.

What to Expect

This serve as reminder that I need to showcase what I know. I was watching Heath Adams video aka TheCyberMentor the key takeaway I get was there is a need for people to know what we as individual can do.

Some important usurps from that video:-

  • Active blog or love to write regardless of platforms.
  • Github is a place to showcase some work, even if most are personal or learning projects.
  • Giving talk or attended related conferences is a good way to connect with relevant people.
  • Volunteer work can impress people.

Though not related, but specific to that video is the creation of homelab. This is considered a must if you are new to IT world.

Ability Showcase

This will be the ultimate aim. If I can't understand my own documents, that means I am yet to understand let alone showcase my ability in that particular interests.